You can navigate pages of the site through the tabs along the top of the screen, and using the search box and links along the left hand side of the screen.

When you are reviewing an ebook on the site, you will see the online version of the book within the main frame of the screen and will be able to review it. The thumbnail of the book that you are currently browsing will appear in the top left of the screen along with links to free content available for the book selected.


Searching Ebooks

The search functions on the site allow you to find particular words or phrases either within a particular ebook that you are browsing or within any ebooks across the site.


Simple searching

For a quick search just enter the word or phrase that you wish to locate in the search box on the right side of the screen and click on the icon. The list of search results will appear within the main frame of your screen. Showing a list of the titles in which search term appears. The results are sorted by relevancy.

In order to see that searched term within the book, click "View results within the book" on search results page. This shows you page level excerpts. Further click on Browse Inside to reach the ebook page containing the search term. 'Searching Within a Book' will display results in page order as they appear within the title that you are browsing.


Advanced searching

Simply click on Advanced Search in the Search box on the right hand side of the screen. An advanced query box will appear within the main frame of the screen to enable you to search by Subject, Book Title, Author, Publication Year, Publisher Format or ISBN. You will also be able to specify how you want your results to be sorted and how many search results you want to see.


Searching highlights

After you review an ebook that you have been searching across, you will see the word or phrases used in the search highlighted on the page displayed. As you browse the ebook you will find these search terms highlighted throughout. To switch off the highlight click on Tools -> Remove Highlighting within the online Reader. You can switch on the highlighting again by clicking on the same option.


Searching Using Boolean Logic

Boolean logic is the conventional basis for searching most computerized systems. Using the terms AND, OR, and NOT.To help you getting appropriate results for your search. For a full explanation on the use of these terms, please see the examples below:

  1. Search for cats and dogs within an ebook:
  2. Search for cats or dogs within an ebook:
  3. Search for dogs not cats within an ebook:

Browsing By Subject Categories

Ebooks within the site are divided into subject categories to help you find the content you want. Review all content for the subject of your choice by reviewing the Subject Categories in the Browse box in the top left of the home page.

Expand the subject categories by clicking on each subject category. If you are at the lowest level category you will see the title of the books available within this subject category.

To select an ebook just click on the title.


Browsing Content Within an Ebook

To move forwards and backwards through pages within an ebook that you are browsing, simply click on the arrow icons on the tool bar across the top of the ebook page.

If you have not purchased an ebook you will have access to limited pages and will be prompted with a log in and registration screen if you reach the maximum number of pages you are permitted to browse. If you need help buying an ebook please go to Purchasing ebooks


Browsing Access Restrictions

There are limits on the number of pages of online Ebooks that are available for you to browse before purchase. Once you have reached the limit you will be prompted to login to your account or register to set up a new account. For help on registration please go to Registration.

Once you have registered and logged into your account, you may be able to view additional pages, before you will be prompted to purchase the book. If you need help buying a book please go to Purchasing ebooks.


Zoom in and zoom out

While browsing or reading an online ebook on the site you can enlarge any page to make the text larger and easier to read. Simply click on the magnifying icon with the plus in it on the tool bar across the top of the page of the ebook that you are browsing.

After you have enlarged the screen you can also zoom out by clicking on the magnifying icon with the minus in it on the tool bar across the top of the page of the ebook that you are browsing on your screen.


Wish list

This function allows you to put aside an ebook that you might be interested on buying later.


Bookmark a page

To bookmark a page that you are reading, click on Tools -> BookMark this page in the online Reader. This page will now be available in a Bookmarks on your browser so that you can return to that page easily if needed.


Email a friend

If you feel the title you are viewing may be of interest to a friend, you can share link of the ebook with them by clicking on Tools -> Email to Friend. The recipient will receive an email notifying them of the title and a direct link so he/she may begin sampling the title.