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Advanced Concepts of Ecosystems Biodiversity

By : Anne

Description : This book points out that the better we can understand how ecosystems are formed and evolved, the better we can understand the history and future of our ecosystems; which i... more

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Biological Diversity and Sustainable Development

By : Anne

Description : Biological diversity and sustainable development is an upcoming area of study which is undergoing rapid development in diverse sectors. This book includes interesting overv... more

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Ecology, Environment and Conservation

By : Anne

Description : This book integrates some of the key issues and concepts pertaining to ecology, environment and conservation. The rapid degradation of natural resources, diminishing reserv... more

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Ecosystem Functioning Handbook

By : Anne

Description : Ecosystems are dynamic. The ecosystem presents a broad diversity worldwide and utilizes diverse functionalities according to specific ecologic regions. Due to changeability... more

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Global Diversity in a Changing Environment

By : Anne

Description : The global diversity in a changing environment has been elucidated in this insightful book. The dynamic interactions between biotic, abiotic and also the anthropic factors ... more

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Handbook of Biosphere

By : Anne

Description : Biosphere is a constantly researched sphere of study. This book presents researches about the evaluation of origins, development, ecosystems and resource utilization patter... more

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Principles of Paleoecology

By : Anne

Description : This book includes some of the vital pieces of work being conducted across the world, on various topics related to paleoecology. It strives to provide a fair idea about thi... more

Results 1 - 7 of 7