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Advanced Developments and Researches in Multimedia

By : Anna

Description : This book deals with advanced developments as well as researches in the field of multimedia. As multimedia has evolved into a significant technology, vastly bettering peopl... more

9781978912434 t fc

Image and Video Processing: Methods, Functionalities and Services

By : Anna

Description : Image processing is a vast field of science that has undergone rapid developments in the recent times. This book unfolds the innovative aspects of image processing which wi... more

9781978914322 t fc

Mobile Multimedia: Technological Aspects

By : Anna

Description : The technological aspects of mobile multimedia are described in this elaborative book. Multimedia mobiles such as smart phones and tablets are fast becoming popular among a... more

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Multimedia Signals: Image, Audio and Video Processing

By : Anna

Description : Multimedia signal processing uses computational techniques to read digital data. This book on multimedia signals explains the processes that are involved in audio and video... more

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Recent Progress in Digital Video Processing

By : Anna

Description : Digital video processing has revolutionised the field of video recording and processing. The applications of digital video processing have found its way across different se... more

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Video Coding for Emerging Multimedia Services

By : Anna

Description : This book presents an in-depth study of video coding and elucidates its applications. It targets to bring together latest developments and applications of video coding. Thi... more

Results 1 - 6 of 6