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Agricultural Crop Production

By : Alabaster

Description : Agriculture is the pillar of human existence as it provides us with food, timber, fibre, etc. Crop production is the branch of agriculture which specifically deals with growing pl... more

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Agronomics and Agro-Food Marketing

By : Alabaster

Description : There has been a paradigm shift in the fields of agronomics and agri-food management because of several factors like globalization, rise in world population, climate variability, ... more

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Agronomy and Crop Production

By : Alabaster

Description : Agronomy is an important field of study in the discipline of agricultural science that primarily deals with crop production and soil management for food, fuel and other useful pro... more

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Agronomy: Food, Crops and Environment

By : Alabaster

Description : This book provides a detailed study on some of the most significant aspects of agronomy, such as crop science, sustainable agriculture, etc. Approaches to improving plants and cro... more

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Cereal Crops: Science and Technology

By : Alabaster

Description : Cereals are the most widely consumed food products and they constitute a major part of the world’s diet. Cereal production depends on the availability of land, water as well as nu... more

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Sustainable Crop Production

By : Alabaster

Description : Sustainable crop production came as a revolution in the industry of crop production and agriculture. This field has emerged as a way of questioning the current practices of crop p... more

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Vegetable Crop Production

By : Alabaster

Description : Vegetable crop production is the cultivation of vegetables for consumption. This book aims to equip students and experts with the advanced topics and upcoming concepts in this are... more

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