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Current Progress in Tectonics

By : Agnes

Description : Tectonics is concerned with the large-scale processes which affect the structure of the earth's crust. This book focuses on distinct characteristics of tectonic researches,... more

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Earthquake Engineering

By : Agnes

Description : The book aims to educate the readers with information regarding the field of earthquake engineering. The mitigation of earthquake-related hazards is essential in the modern... more

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Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics

By : Agnes

Description : This book provides comprehensive insights into the fields of earthquake engineering and structural dynamics. It comprises of research work contributed by various experts an... more

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Earthquake Engineering: Concepts and Applications

By : Agnes

Description : Earthquake engineering is the study and design of buildings that can withstand disasters such as earthquakes. This book on earthquake engineering discusses topics related t... more

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Encyclopedia of Seismic Waves

By : Agnes

Description : Detailed information regarding the field of seismic waves has been presented in this insightful book. Seismic wave research not only enables us to assess earthquakes and ts... more

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Geotechnical Engineering and Earth Science

By : Agnes

Description : Geotechnical Engineering is a significant field of study in the discipline of civil engineering which primarily aims to understand the characteristics and composition of di... more

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Handbook of Earthquake Engineering

By : Agnes

Description : This multi-contributor descriptive book provides in-depth knowledge regarding the field of earthquake engineering. With increasing seismic activities and major earthquakes,... more

Results 1 - 7 of 7